Gear head

Gear head

  • CN 207,179,090 U
  • Filed: 07/19/2017
  • Issued: 04/03/2018
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/19/2017
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. gear head, it is characterised in that:

  • Including base (1), left piece (2), spill spin block (3), right piece (4), horizontal retaining mechanism,Left rotation and right rotation mechanism, front and rear rotating mechanism, left and right retaining mechanism, front and rear retaining mechanism, Quick-mounting board contiguous block (6) and holder combinationConnecting seat (7);

    The lower central of base (1) is provided with left piece (2) of the screw thread hole (11) of installation tripod screw, base (1) top and L-typeBottom coordinates to form by annular concave-convex rotates horizontally attachment structure, and restricted base (1) and left piece are installed in left piece of (2) bottom(2) the horizontal retaining mechanism of relative rotary displacement, right piece (4) are fixedly connected with left piece (2) forms U-type groove structure, and spill spin block(3) it is arranged on the U-type groove inside configuration;

    The left rotation and right rotation mechanism include left and right to main knob (21), left and right to worm screw (22) and or so to worm gear (23), left and rightRiser of the left and right to main knob (21) and its other end through left piece (2), which is installed with, to one end of worm screw (22) stretches into rotationBlock (3) is internal, and left and right is arranged on spill spin block (3) inside to worm gear (23) and is meshed with left and right to worm screw (22), the left and rightIt is connected to worm gear (23) by the way that front and rear retaining mechanism and Quick-mounting board contiguous block (6) bottom are separable;

    The front and rear rotating mechanism include it is front and rear to main knob (41), it is front and rear to worm screw (42) and front and rear to worm gear (43), it is front and rearSet to worm screw (42) through right piece (4) and perpendicular to left and right to worm screw (22), front and rear one end to worm screw (42) is fixedly mountedIt is front and rear to main knob (41) and its other end stretch into right piece (4) it is internal, it is front and rear to worm gear (43) be arranged on right piece (4) it is internal and withIt is front and rear to be meshed to worm screw (42), pass through left and right retaining mechanism to worm gear (43) before and after described and spill spin block (3) is separated and coordinatedConnection;

    Holder combination connecting seat (7) bottom is connected with Quick-mounting board contiguous block (6) top.

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