Concentrate equipment of the high salinity containing mixture solution

Concentrate equipment of the high salinity containing mixture solution

  • CN 207,512,240 U
  • Filed: 06/17/2016
  • Issued: 06/19/2018
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/17/2016
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. high equipment of the salinity containing mixture solution of concentration, which is characterized in that the filtering grain size including being sequentially connected is 0.1-50 μ

  • mFirst filter plant (1), the second filter plant (2) to interception rate >

    =99.5% of the substance of molecular weight >

    =1000, to molecular weightThe third filter plant (3) of interception rate >

    =90% for 100-1000 substances, the concentrate liquid outlet of third filter plant (3) connectThe filtrate (liquid for having the first collection device, third filter plant (3) is connected with the second collection device, further includes so that high salinity is containing miscellaneousThe solution edge pump that filter plant flows step by step and the salt content measurement device for measuring each high salinity salt content containing mixture solution of link,The filter device that the third filter plant (3) is sequentially connected including at least two, each filter device are 100- to molecular weightInterception rate >

    =90% of 1000 substances and keep concentrate output quantity be not less than 8L/ (m2H), the third filter plant(3) including the first level filtering device (31), the two-stage filter (32) that are sequentially connected, the two-stage filter (31) is equipped withThe concentrated solution outlet discharged for concentrate and the concentrate refluxing opening that concentrate is supplied to be back to first level filtering device (31), it is describedConcentrate refluxing opening is connected with the inlet of first level filtering device (31), and the concentrate refluxing opening of two-stage filter (32) is equipped withFirst valve (310), the concentrated solution outlet of two-stage filter (32) are equipped with the second valve (320).

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