A kind of high-pressure gas trigger device

A kind of high-pressure gas trigger device

  • CN 208,763,689 U
  • Filed: 08/17/2018
  • Issued: 04/19/2019
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/17/2018
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. a kind of high-pressure gas trigger device, it is characterised in that:

  • including be packed into hoop, air jet pipe, steel ball, piston, sliding sleeve andHigh pressure air cavity, the sliding sleeve front end connect equipped with hoop, the front end for being packed into hoop is packed into the shock wave that extinguishing device is isolatedThe push rod end of receiving apparatus connects, and the sliding sleeve tail end is sleeved on the excircle of air jet pipe, described using being slidably matchedSliding sleeve tail end diameter of bore is small, and diameter of bore is big before tail end, within rear end between air jet pipe outer round surfaceForm cavity;

    The air jet pipe is provided with piston, and using being slidably matched, piston front diameter is less than rear portion, the pistonTail end is equipped with groove, and y-shaped ring is housed, and the air jet pipe middle position surrounds there are four the distributions of tube wall cross section even circumferentialRadial hole, for installing steel ball, there are 8 bleeder ports at steel ball hole rear portion around tube wall cross section circumference, and the bleeder port is inclined hole,Lead in the adapter cavity and outer cover of coal dust gas explosion extinguishing device on the outside of bleeder port;

    The air jet pipe tail end is adopted with high pressure air cavityIt is threadedly coupled;

    The discouraged chamber excircle of the high pressure air cavity is equipped with groove, and O-ring seal is housed, and lose heart chamber rear portion longitudinal endFace is equipped with polytetrafluoroethylsealed sealed pad.

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