• CN 2,107,724 U
  • Filed: 10/04/1991
  • Issued: 06/17/1992
  • Est. Priority Date: 10/04/1991
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. , a kind of terminal box that in building industry, is embedded in concrete or armored concrete wall or the floor, it has a body, one or more cabling pipe box tube and outer arrangement is installed screw, it is characterized in that the fixed leg (7) of body (1), cabling pipe box tube (2), the outer arrangement of installation of terminal box and the attaching clamp as fixture (10) that has a fixing hole are by injection moulding or the integrally formed integrated member of other manufacture method;

  • The number of the fixed leg device of the cabling pipe box tube of terminal box, attaching clamp and the outer arrangement of installation can provide by different requirements with the permutation and combination that the position is set;

    Cabling pipe sleeve hole and body sidewall junction are provided with hush panel (3), it connects together with the body sidewall by three or four narrow company'"'"'s muscle (4), also be integrally formed, even leave its cylindrical and the corresponding circular arc-shaped slits in cabling pipe box tube aperture (5) between muscle so that after pouring, remove hush panel with body;

    Cabling pipe box tube is provided with reinforcement (6) on periphery;

    Have a hexagon deep hole in the fixed leg (7) of the outer arrangement of installation, interband unoccupied place is equipped with one six side'"'"'s copper screw cap (8) and is used the embolism (9) of end-blocking to seal subsequently in it;

    Terminal box is held in place in lug (10) on the template to be located at the body outside and to strengthen with reinforcement.

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