• CN 2,111,175 U
  • Filed: 11/27/1991
  • Issued: 07/29/1992
  • Est. Priority Date: 11/27/1991
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. , a kind of grass is comprised frame 1 by braider, motor is installed on the frame 1 and by motor-operated reductor, the output shaft of reductor links together by belt and the power transmission shaft 2 that belt pulley and sprocket wheel are installed;

  • There is a support 13 frame 1 top, and slide plate 14 and take-up board 11 are installed in the support 13, and take-up board 11 is processed with through hole with knitting needle 25 corresponding positions;

    Also be separately installed with one has the rotating shaft 30 of sprocket wheel and is linked together by chain and power transmission shaft 2 at the two ends, the left and right sides of frame 1;

    Be equipped with at power transmission shaft 2 two ends crank 3 and 3 '"'"', crank 3 and 3 '"'"' on be connected with connecting rod 20 and rocking arm 19, it is characterized in that, end at a side rocking arm 19 has a pressure hook 22, one end of opposite side rocking arm 19 has a jacking block 27, a needle plate 33 that is used to install knitting needle is installed on pressure hook 22 and jacking block 27, at least three knitting needles 25 are installed on the needle plate 33;

    The synchronizing wheel 8 of crank effect has been installed at the two ends of rotating shaft 30, connecting rod 9 is installed on the synchronizing wheel 8, the other end of connecting rod 9 is connected with a nail-plate frame 31, evenly is being furnished with plurality of rows nail-plate 10 on 31 on the nail-plate frame;

    Forward and backward two ends above frame 1 also are equipped with lever 16, and an end of lever 16 is placed on the cross bar 32, and the other end is placed on the slide plate 14, and the two ends of slide plate 14 are connected with spring 24, and the other end of spring 24 is fixed on the support 13.On the frame 1 at take-up board two ends, also be separately installed with flap 22 and flap 26.

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