Multisection automatic open-and-close umbrella

Multisection automatic open-and-close umbrella

  • CN 2,194,627 Y
  • Filed: 04/23/1994
  • Issued: 04/19/1995
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/23/1994
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. , a kind of multi-section type automatic umbrella folding and unfolding, it comprises:

  • bar device in the umbrella, one umbrella rib device, one deployment spring, most umbrella colsing springs, one control device, it is characterized in that;

    bar device in the umbrella (1) is to comprise;

    once (interior) manages (11), the bottom of grafting this time pipe (11) in the middle of the leader (12), once bushing pipe (10) is set in down following pipe (11) inside that pipe (11) is positioned at handle (12) section, pipe (13) sliding sleeve is in the outside top of this time pipe (11) in one, (outward) pipe (14) sleeves in this on outside of pipe (13) on one, and nest (15) is fixedly arranged on the top of pipe (14) on one, and the inner sleeve (17) of a deployment spring (3), it comprises telescopic pipe portion (17a) and the following pipe portion (17b) of sliding sleeve in last pipe portion (17a) of going up, and inner sleeve (17) apical margin is in abutting connection with the upper end that should go up pipe (14);

    One this umbrella rib device (2) comprises;

    its inner end pivot of a parietal bone (21) connects the last nest (15) of bar device in this umbrella (1);

    Even once nest (23) is sliding not outside pipe (14) on this for its inner end pivot of fulcra (22) in one, and its outermost end pivot connects the stage casing part of this parietal bone (21);

    Its inner end pivot of one intermedium (24) connects the outermost end of this parietal bone (21), its inner end linking bone (25) in the middle of then pivot connects;

    This centre linking bone (25) inner end then pivot connects the outer end of being somebody'"'"'s turn to do interior fulcra (22);

    Its inner end pivot of one coccyx (26) connects the outer end of this intermedium (24), and its inner end then pivot connects a spring lever (27);

    The inner end side pivot of this spring lever (27) connects the outer end of parietal bone (21);

    Its following spring end (31) of one deployment spring (3) is held in the last pipe flange of this time bushing pipe (10), last spring end (32) then is held in a backing plate (153) that is arranged in chock (151) lower edge of pipe (14) on this and thinks the usefulness of parachute-opening to hold, to support this umbrella bar device (1), and the top sliding sleeve of this deployment spring (3) is outside an inner sleeve (17);

    Most umbrella colsing springs (4);

    Spring end (41) lies in the outer end of fulcra (22) in this in each umbrella colsing spring (4), and outer spring end (42) then lies in the outer end of this parietal bone (21), when this umbrella is umbrella closing state by the deployed condition folding, umbrella colsing spring (4) can be placed in the groove of parietal bone (21);

    One control device (5) comprising;

    a shift knob (51) is hubbed in this handle (12);

    The top that bar (52) is hubbed at handle (12) is stuck up in one parachute-opening, for this umbrella close, close one'"'"'s umbrella last button portion (512) of this shift knob (51) is pressed by being pressed;

    One mechanism (53) that closes one'"'"'s umbrella comprising;

    a sliding bolt (54), buckle one discount (55), this discount (55) is borrowed to twine and is located in bar device in this umbrella (1) and this time nest (23) hauling rope (56) and draws and be, compress the sliding bolt (54) in this mechanism that closes one'"'"'s umbrella (53) when pressing the lower button portion (513) by this shift knob (51) after the parachute-opening again, to remove the buckle of this discount (55) and this sliding bolt (54), borrow this umbrella rib device of elastic-restoring force folding of this umbrella colsing spring (4) and be somebody'"'"'s turn to do middle bar device.

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