Magnetic lock head

Magnetic lock head

  • CN 2,219,359 Y
  • Filed: 01/26/1995
  • Issued: 02/07/1996
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/26/1995
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. , a kind of magnetic force lock, comprise housing, lock core assembly, lock frame, connection assembly and key, it is characterized in that housing is made of protecgulum (3) and bonnet (17), a keyhole (2) is arranged at protecgulum top, and back postoperculum has a hole that supplies linking sleeve (27) and link piece (25) to pass;

  • The lock core assembly comprises movable lock core (7), quiet lock core (9), baffle plate (6), latch (4), spring leaf (5) and magnetic handful (8);

    There is a protruding lip (44) the positive lower end of movable lock core (7), there is a block (10) at the back side, back-moving spring (11) is equipped with in the bottom, a plurality of positive horizontal apertures (34) that lead to are arranged on this movable lock core, magnetic is held in both hands (8) the rarest two, be loaded in these apertures, the quantity that magnetic is held in both hands, position and each magnetic are held in both hands the coding that constitutes tapered end towards the polarity of baffle plate one end together;

    Quiet lock core (9) pastes the palm on movable lock core (7) front, have above it quantity and position all with movable lock core on the corresponding aperture of aperture (34) (35);

    Baffle plate (6) abuts on the quiet lock core (9), and spring leaf (5) is loaded on protecgulum (3) inboard, and latch (4) is between this spring leaf and baffle plate;

    Movable lock core (7), quiet lock core (9) and baffle plate (6) are made by nonmagnetic substance, and latch (4) is made by magnetic material;

    Lock frame (14) is positioned at movable lock core (7) rear;

    Connection assembly comprises connector (24), link piece (25), linking sleeve (27), supporting base (28), inner spring collar (19), outer spring collar (31) and torque spring (30);

    The front portion of connector (24) is plate-like, be loaded between movable lock core (7) and the lock frame (14), indent forms cavity (23) in the middle of its front, and gap (12) is arranged on the limit, the rear projection of this connector is stretched out lock frame (14) backward, and an end of link piece (25) is fixed on this connector rear portion;

    Supporting base (28) entangles linking sleeve (27) and together connector rear portion and binding is fastened in wherein;

    Torque spring (30) encapsulation and is placed on the supporting base (28) on inner spring collar (19) and outer spring collar (31) together;

    Between spring collar (31) and the lock frame (14) spacer ring (15) is arranged outside, this spacer ring and outer spring card (31), lock frame (14) and protecgulum (3) are fixed together by screw (33);

    The rear end of linking sleeve (27) and binding card (25) is stretched out bonnet (17) backward, and bonnet is fixed together by screw (38) and supporting base (28);

    Key (1) is a card insert type, has the magnetic code identical with described tapered end above it.

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