Underground water deferrization demanganization purifying apparatus

Underground water deferrization demanganization purifying apparatus

  • CN 2,234,432 Y
  • Filed: 07/07/1995
  • Issued: 09/04/1996
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/07/1995
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. underground water deferrization and demanganization water purifying plant, constitute by casing, filter bed, inlet and outlet pipe lines, casing top is the water level water tank, the bottom is a filter bed, is provided with drip pan in the water level water tank, establishes filtrate, cobble, filter mesh layer in the filter bed, pass through pipeline connection between each parts, and be provided with pressure reduction destruction bucket, supplementary units such as drain well is characterized in that:

  • A. adopt ejector (38) as former water inlet, on water level water tank (20), be provided with diffusing condensation tank (40), loose condensation tank by distributing case (24) and cohesion case (22) formation, between separated by dividing plate (25), the dividing plate below has flow passage, water distributor (23) is an inclined tube, and its angle passes dividing plate to condensing in the case from distributing case one side, is provided with porcelain ring (70) in the cohesion case;

    B. water distributor (23) below connects lose heart water inlet pipe (21) and air water separator (66), air water separator is by separating shell (65), gas skirt (64) formation, the conical top of gas skirt connects vapor pipe (41) and extends to the liquid level of the condensation tank (40) that looses, and air water separator passes through liquid sealing pipe (2), links to each other with pressure reduction control tube (42) communicating pipe (63);

    C. pressure reduction control tube (42) connects back flushing bend pipe (46), partly is provided with at bend pipe and vacuumizes funnel (44), and the connection of funnel below vacuumizes Y-tube (49), and back flushing bend pipe one end links to each other with sewage backwash pipe (50) by the mouth that contracts (48);

    D. be provided with interior ribbon (31) in the reaction tubes (32).

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