Light wt. folding bicycle

Light wt. folding bicycle

  • CN 2,235,401 Y
  • Filed: 11/23/1995
  • Issued: 09/18/1996
  • Est. Priority Date: 11/23/1995
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. , light-duty folding bicycle is made up of big thick stick, tap, front-wheel, trailing wheel and seat thick stick, it is characterized in that:

  • One end of A, big thick stick is connected with preceding fork shaft, and the other end is a forked type, is located on the hind axle;

    Big thick stick is made up of Shang Dagang, Zhong Dagang, following big thick stick and safety sleeve, and Shang Dagang, Zhong Dagang and Xia Dagang are arranged in order, and each thick stick is hollow tubular, is respectively equipped with contiguous block in the pipe, by contiguous block and bolt upper, middle and lower three thick sticks is connected into an integral body;

    Safety sleeve is set on the big thick stick, can slide along big thick stick, and the outside face of big thick stick is a circular conical surface, and safety sleeve cooperates with it;

    Shang Dagang and down be respectively equipped with a key on the outside face of big thick stick cooperates with a keyway in the safety sleeve;

    B, tap are made up of left and right sides handle and leading stationary pipes, left and right sides handle is located at respectively in the two ends of stationary pipes, radially is respectively equipped with a spring pin in the handle of the left and right sides, is provided with leading extension spring between two spring pins, tap is provided with two positioning keys in the stationary pipes, cooperates with keyway on the handle of the left and right sides respectively;

    C, seat thick stick are provided with damper mechanism, and this mechanism is made up of interior pipe, seat of honour thick stick, a following thick stick, outer press ring, spring, spring chair and the collar;

    Seat of honour thick stick, a following thick stick are on inner pipe sheathed, and seat of honour thick stick and following thick stick opposite end have breach, and are respectively equipped with outer press ring, are arranged with the collar, damper spring and spring chair successively on the following thick stick of outer press ring one side.

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