Vacuum compressing preservation bag with suction and closure device

Vacuum compressing preservation bag with suction and closure device

  • CN 2,284,748 Y
  • Filed: 01/31/1997
  • Issued: 06/24/1998
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/31/1997
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. vacuum compression storage bag, it comprises:

  • a bag, this bag three and sealing, one side is a peristome, can accommodate article in it, and it is characterized in that;

    this storage bag is provided with an air-breathing closing appliance and a closing device, wherein;

    One air-breathing closing appliance, be disposed at a side of bag body, be by cover of dust, compressing tablet, loam cake and base and the lower piece of being located at bag body below constitute, wherein cover of dust is to be located in the groove of T type loam cake, this loam cake below flange is provided with outside thread, the bottom of this flange is the spoke shape, be provided with open-work at its edge, Bu Fen the groove that is provided with an open-work installs a little outstanding chock in the central, base central authorities are provided with a groove, the recess edge place is provided with little shrinkage pool, being provided with the open-work side for centre, to be provided with the compressing tablet of corner post chimeric, central authorities are provided with in above-mentioned chock cooperates the groove of osed top open-work, other is provided with the negative thread that is screwed with above-mentioned loam cake outside thread, the base below then is provided with the embedding hook, supplies to be provided with the parallel lattice framing that is 45 degree arrangements be provided with the open-work bottom surface in curved surfaces, and is provided with the lower piece tabling in embedding hole at side;

    One closing device is installed in the peristome of above-mentioned bag body, comprises a cylindrical bar one C type bar and two end caps;

    The internal diameter of C type bar and the gap between the cylindrical bar external diameter approximate the thickness of bag body, and C type bar can will be fastened on outside the cylindrical bar near the bag body openings portion, and with the sealing sack, two end caps then are sleeved on the two ends of C type bar respectively.

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