Quick switching off valve

Quick switching off valve

  • CN 2,334,977 Y
  • Filed: 09/05/1997
  • Issued: 08/25/1999
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/05/1997
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. , a kind of repid cut-off valve, it includes hydraulic control case, electric control box, it is characterized in that it also includes valve and transmission device, transmission device is made up of cylinder body (5), piston, piston rod (3), spring guide (2), spring (1), one-way valve (8), crank (9), piston rod (3) is fixedly connected with spring guide (2), spring (1) is enclosed within on the spring guide (2), and crank (9) is hinged on the bottom of spring guide (2) by hinging shaft, is provided with one-way valve (8) at the upper lateral part of cylinder body (5);

  • Valve is made up of cylindrical shell (14), valve seat (11), butterfly plate (13) and valve rod (12), valve seat (11) is 1 jiao of tilt alpha vertically, 2 jiaos of the sealing surface of valve seat and inclined α

    , the axis tilt β

    angle of limit position that butterfly plate (13) is opened and cylindrical shell (14), distance between the rotating center of the center of gravity of butterfly plate (13) and valve rod (12) is α

    , and the crank (9) of valve rod (12) and transmission device is for being fixedly connected;

    The hydraulic control case links to each other with return opening P2 with the oil inlet and outlet P1 of driving mechanism with high-pressure oil pipe, is equipped with quick earial drainage safety check on the return line of hydraulic control case.

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