Bicycle frame joint structure

Bicycle frame joint structure

  • CN 2,349,114 Y
  • Filed: 10/06/1998
  • Issued: 11/17/1999
  • Est. Priority Date: 10/06/1998
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. , a kind of bicycle skeleton connected structure, mainly by covering seat, base, snap-fastener, pivot, pad, screw rod, wear axle sleeve, the punching axle, locating dowel pin, set pin, nut, two springs, members such as two C shape clasps are formed, it is characterized in that:

  • this covers seat for generally being the Jiong body, its end face is offered a shape groove, and solid welding one pivoted pole and a footstock, this footstock also is the Jiong body, offer an involutory shape groove that covers a shape groove in the pedestal end face, and hold the both sides one to be connected with two lugs in addition in covering a shape groove, and on lug, set up a fixed orifice separately, and be arranged with a draw-in groove in the pedestal both walls that covers seat, in a draw-in groove wherein and extend upward the clamping hole that is arranged with the downward C shape of a breach;

    This base covers the shape of seat for being involutory, it is involutory and covers one of lug end, one bends inwards into an arc wall, the fixed orifice of tool one slotted hole shape in it, the accordion wall that one upwards bends 90 degree is then established in opposite end in the arc wall, on accordion wall, offer a shape groove, then establishing two stalks between arc wall and accordion wall is connected, base end face is offered an elongated slot between two stalks, two groups of involutory through holes of tool then on this two stalk, accept piece and be convexly equipped with one in bottom, base both sides one, and in base bottom solid welding one pivoted pole;

    This snap-fastener has air blast shape head, establishes a through hole on its head;

    This pivot is cylinder, establishes a screw on cylinder;

    This pad is round, the higher concave arc shape that inwardly is in its two ends;

    This screw rod is elongated cylinder, two ends tool screw thread;

    This wears axle sleeve, is hollow circular cylinder, establishes the through hole of a perforation on cylinder;

    This punching axle is elongated cylinder, establishes a through hole on cylinder;

    This locating dowel pin, an end are established a termination portion, the portion of contracting that then limits between termination portion and the cover portion, and on fixing part, establish two holding divisions.One set pin;

    One nut;

    Two springs;

    Two C shape clasps;

    Place a pivot at the Snap head through hole, spiral shell is established a screw rod that wears pad on the pivot screw again, and wear the axle sleeve of wearing that spring and is installed with the punching axle in other end of screw rod, and with the locking of the elongated slot of base end face, be set up on one of the nearly accordion wall of base two stalks place group through hole and wear the interior punching axle system of axle sleeve, make snap-fastener and base fixed fully, with locating dowel pin, spring is arranged in organizing separately on the through hole of base two stalks, spring is located between two stalks, and buckle the holding division that the fixed bit pin places stalk both sides respectively with two C shape clasps, and make the termination portion of locating dowel pin and limit portion horizontal protruding outside base, the riveted joint of mat one set pin covers a lug and base arc wall fixed orifice again, and make cover the seat with base fixedly connected.

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