Multi-function electric tooth-brush

Multi-function electric tooth-brush

  • CN 2,390,469 Y
  • Filed: 12/28/1998
  • Issued: 08/09/2000
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/28/1998
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. , a kind of driven by power of utilizing, have and change the multifunctional electric toothbrush of axial rotation for swing, it is by ellipse garden shape hollow handle, the handle inner-use clapboard surrounds cavity, the power set of installing in the cavity, Power Drive Unit in the handle extends dividing plate and starts the cogged dc motor shaft of suit, this rotating shaft connects eccentric gear by the gear of suit, by eccentric card dc motor holder and about 45 °

  • of swing fixed bars, the eccentric gear another side connects drive link, drive link extends cavity by being equipped with in the solid axle bed that power switch and switch draw, this drive link is by gland and sealing ring, sealing cap, the massaging body of socket handle front end, the cleaning body, the smoothing wrinkle body, big brush body, the dens in dente brush body, denticle brush body structural assembly is formed, its feature;

    comprise ellipticity hollow handle (1), the outside is furnished with deflating cap (4), and sealing ring (21) is arranged in the deflating cap (4);

    Handle (1) afterbody snapping battery cover (3), battery cover (3) and handle (1) snapping afterbody are equipped with the retainer plate (5) of sealing ring (20) and self-contained battery;

    Handle (1) front end is snapped with sealing cap (2), and sealing cap (2) is outer to be massaging body (6), cleaning body (7), smoothing wrinkle body (8), big brush body (9), dens in dente brush body (10), little brush body (11) assembly that is socketed on the drive link (29);

    Handle (1) internal partition afterbody is equipped with both positive and negative polarity conductive ring (25) (26) and is connected guide card (28), connects conducting rod (27), and connection handle (1) dividing plate front end is packed in the cutting-off switch (23) on the solid axle bed (14);

    By battery in the handle dividing plate afterbody cavity be connected dividing plate front end dc motor (24), anodal conductive ring (25) connects the Power Drive Unit assembly;

    Shaft gear (18) connects eccentric gear (16) in dc motor (24) rotating shaft by being socketed in, eccentric gear (16) is fixed on the base (15) by eccentric card (17), base (15) is stuck on the dc motor (24), the fixed angle bar (30) of pegging graft with solid axle bed (14) is arranged on the eccentric card (17), eccentric card (17) connects drive link (29), drive link (29) by on the solid axle bed (14) and the gland (12) of fixing Luo silk (31) arranged and is with the sealing cap (27) of sealing ring (22) and the massaging body (6) of the outer socket of sealing cap (27), cleaning body (7), smoothing wrinkle body (8), big brush body (9), dens in dente brush body (10), little brush body (11) assembly connects to form.

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