Box device

Box device

  • CN 2,475,677 Y
  • Filed: 04/28/2001
  • Issued: 02/06/2002
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/28/2001
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. Box device unit is characterized in that it comprises:

  • One box chamber, it is enclosed the alignment array space that group forms by an antetheca, a rear wall, Yi Zuobi, a You Bi and a diapire;

    The outer wall of this left side wall, the wall frame of the thick formation tool of mat meat height fall, it is the ㄩ

    font that is that the top is open, two vertically to wall frame and left wall between then formation cut sth. askew;

    And the outer wall of right wall is also recessed with the wall of the thick formation JiongZi Xing of meat corresponding to the wall frame, and its width is corresponding to the wall frame, this vertically to cutting sth. askew of the recessed also corresponding wall frame of wall be the extension of outwards cutting sth. askew;

    One front portion is that one is linked to the antetheca outside, each tool one front pillar of both sides, and its top extends internally, and links an anter and form a drop, and prominent sheet button is gone up by empty central authorities that form of end-grain cutting on it, and the junction of this front pillar and anter is laterally cuts sth. askew;

    One rear end is to extend from rear wall, and its two outer sorrowful rear pillar one section back rest that respectively extends internally, and its bar after the bottom is established one section form between its outside and the back rest and cut sth. askew, and this back rest top inner bottom surface is arranged with formation one beam groove separately;

    One loam cake is to be lid, and a cover plate extends in its rear central authorities, and is recessed to form a lid groove, and respectively extends a lid oar to both sides, and sets respectively between beam groove and box chamber;

    It is characterized in that this rear wall outer wall is prominent establishes a wall seat, and forms a groove, the sheet end with a tenon sheet embeds in the seat groove in addition, and its other end is then established a spigot and a kink;

    The mat spigot inserts and cover location in the groove, be and can lift the state of closing, but and the left wall mat wall frame between Unit two link about setting that the wall of right wall of another unit is recessed and being, and back of the unit between Unit two can embed the front pillar of another unit and be binding between front and back.

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