Intelligent high efficient fully automatic pill making machine

Intelligent high efficient fully automatic pill making machine

  • CN 2,501,501 Y
  • Filed: 09/17/2001
  • Issued: 07/24/2002
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/17/2001
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. , a kind of intelligent and high-efficiency full automatic machine for producing pills is provided with set frame structure, pill mechanism and electrical control mechanism, and complete machine is a horizontal type structure, it is characterized in that:

  • A, the structure of its set frame structure is;

    reductor (1) is by sprocket wheel (2,3) constitute transmission link with gear shaft (4), gear (5) on the gear shaft (4) and two driven gears (7) engagement, binder turnover panel (8) is installed on its driven gear shaft, gear shaft (4) is in transmission connection through clutch and spiral propeller (6) formation, propeller (6) one ends are installed on out in the steel bushing (9) of batten (10), be in level, clutch shaft, spiral organ of Corti propeller (6) axle, go out batten (10) strip port on same axisB, the structure of pill mechanism is;

    servomotor (12) is in transmission connection by synchronous pulley (13) and positive and reverse return worm screw (14) formation, worm screw (14) and worm gear (15,16) form worm gear, worm gear (15,16) by the worm gear steel bushing, (17,18) Nei steel ball (26) and pill-making knife wheel shaft (23,24) formation is in transmission connection, break bar axle (23,24) front end is equipped with pill break bar (31), the rear end contacts cooperation with cam (22) formation, break bar axle (23, compression spring (19) is installed

         24), break bar axle (23,24) two ends are supported by sliding bearing (25), the axle (21) of cam (22) is in transmission connection by belt wheel (20) and stranding ball motor (34) formation, one worm gear (16) is through sprocket wheel (27, being in transmission connection

         28), be in transmission connection with suitable bar wheel (29) formationPill operation and information display unit that c, electrical control mechanism are made of touch screen (41), medicated strip with Lineside encoding unit (11) formation of mechanical rotation wheel tests the speed and signal of telecommunication output unit, and the motor frequency conversion control unit that Programmable Logic Controller (36) and two converters (39,40) constitute is formed.

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