Crystal round grinding positioning ring

Crystal round grinding positioning ring

  • CN 2,521,754 Y
  • Filed: 12/24/2001
  • Issued: 11/20/2002
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/24/2001
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. , a kind of grinding wafer locating ring includes:

  • One ring body is positive circular endless loop, and internal diameter cooperates the external diameter of wafer to be ground, in order to fit wafer to be ground, drives wafer and rotates with one heart;

    Aforementioned ring body periphery wall apical margin has consubstantiality proper width and annular flange flange highly, and the shrinkage pool of a plurality of equidistant annular array is arranged on the aforementioned annular flange flange, in order to press the spiral shell sheath that embeds cooperation respectively;

    One spiral shell sheath cooperates a plurality of shrinkage pool quantity on the aforementioned ring body annular flange flange, embeds aforementioned shrinkage pool location in order to press respectively;

    A plurality of apopores are established on the aforementioned ring body perisporium of what and are run through perisporium, in order to water outlet;

    It is characterized in that;

    Aforementioned ring body lower edge has the waste tank of a plurality of recessed ring bodies, and this waste tank system runs through in the aforementioned ring body between outer peripheral edges, the centrifugal force when utilizing aforementioned grinding wafer locating ring rotation, will grind the refuse that produces pass through waste tank and throw away.

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