Water squeezing wiper

Water squeezing wiper

  • CN 2,715,686 Y
  • Filed: 06/17/2004
  • Issued: 08/10/2005
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/17/2004
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. a water squeezing scrubbing implement is characterized in thatWipe clean body for one, it comprises:

  • wipe clean parts and base plate, wipe clean parts and be fixed on the base plate;

    The movable setting-out plate (5) of two block structure symmetries, the clean body of described wiping can be fixed on described two blocks of movable setting-out plates (5) with dismantling;

    A travelling carriage (13), it has the sliding bar (37) that a horizontal expansion portion and two link into an integrated entity by described horizontal expansion portion, the bottom of described travelling carriage has two horizontal separated pin joints, and each is hinged in the bottom of a pin joint place and this travelling carriage in the inner of two movable setting-out plates;

    Two movable water clamp boards (3), each movable water clamp board are all hinged in the outer end of its lower end and movable setting-out plate;

    A support casing (7), described support casing (7) has an inner chamber, and have an opening end, the upper end of described movable water clamp board is hinged in two outsides and the described support casing (7) of described opening end, and an end relative with opening end of described support casing has two sliding bar locating holes (21) of the distance that equates in the spacings both sides of the axis of support casing, spaced apart and two sliding bars;

    Holding rod (9), the one end is fixed on the described support casing, and the other end extends upward;

    Described two sliding bars pass and can slide up and down along the direction parallel with the axis of described holding rod described sliding bar locating hole from the sliding bar locating hole respectively, sliding bar upwards the inner of two movable setting-out plates of the meeting of slip pulling upwards moves in the inner chamber of described support casing, and two movable setting-out plates are rotated relative to one another around described two pin joints along with moving up, the spacing of its outer end is diminished gradually finally makes two movable setting-out plates fold, and press the clean body doubling of described wiping together so that it is pushed, when sliding bar during to lower slider, can oppositely move the position in the plane that is in that is returned to horizontal spreading by drive activity setting-out plate, make and wipe clean working face of wiping of clean body horizontal spreading formation, the shape and size of described inner chamber make can hold the movable setting-out plate and the clean body of wiping that folds, and described sliding bar long enough makes when the upper end of sliding bar to lower slider sliding bar when the clean body of described wiping launches to constitute the clean working face of wiping still is in outside the described sliding bar locating hole.

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