• CN 2,789,900 Y
  • Filed: 02/07/2005
  • Issued: 06/21/2006
  • Est. Priority Date: 02/07/2005
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. , a kind of transformer comprises:

  • the body of transformer;

    It is characterized in that,Described body interior is provided with a terminal pressing plate, fixes first, second terminal on it respectively, and the upside of first, second terminal is provided with contact site respectively, and fixing hole is set on the body, and each fixing hole supplies first, second terminal position respectively;

    Body top is provided with an ostiolate caulking groove, and the end in addition of relative opening is established a through hole on the body, and a slotted hole also is set on the body;

    One switch push button pressing plate is fixed at body interior;

    One switch push button, with respect to the slotted hole setting, the upside of switch push button is protruded out by the slotted hole place, and the downside extension of switch push button is provided with a catch, with respect to the through hole side lower flange is set down in body interior;

    The plug module is made up of plug lower cover, plug loam cake and first, second shell fragment;

    Plug lower cover, one end protrude out a shell fragment are set, and overhead kick is set on the shell fragment, and one group of profile groove is inwards extended by the place, end of plug lower cover respectively;

    The plug loam cake is assembled under the plug and covers, and covers on the plug several pins are set, and each pin place is provided with electric wire respectively;

    First, second shell fragment contacts conducting respectively on first, second shell fragment at each contact site on first, second terminal, is connected with electric wire between pin and first, second shell fragment.

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