Variable resistor free of rotation angle limitation

Variable resistor free of rotation angle limitation

  • CN 2,836,191 Y
  • Filed: 10/28/2005
  • Issued: 11/08/2006
  • Est. Priority Date: 10/28/2005
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. , a kind of variable resistance that does not have the rotational angle restriction is characterized in that, comprising:

  • One rotating shaft, its lower end are extended with a protruding axial region, and the end-rings of this protruding axial region is provided with an annular groove, and are extended with a stiff end;

    One axle sleeve, its centre run through and are provided with an axis hole, and this axle sleeve lower end has a protruding end, and the protruding axial region of this rotating shaft is located in this axis hole;

    One fixed mount, its centre is equipped with a fixing hole, and vertically is bent with a corresponding flanging respectively at this opposite side place, fixed mount both sides, and this flanging end is extended with several cramps, and the protruding end of this axle sleeve lower end can be organized to establish and is fixed in this fixing hole;

    One clasp, button is fixed on the annular groove of this rotating shaft;

    One rotating part, its upper face center place has a conjugate foramen, and the stiff end of this rotating shaft lower end can overlap and be fixed in this conjugate foramen;

    One contact chip is fixedly arranged on this rotating part lower surface place, and this contact chip medial margin place has been bent to form several brush pin downwards;

    One pedestal, its upper surface place has a storage tank, and this fixed mount is mounted on this pedestal upper surface, and two flangings of this fixed mount then are positioned the corresponding dual-side of this pedestal, are buckled on this base bottom, and this rotating shaft, this axle sleeve and this pedestal button are fixed in one;

    This clasp that this rotating shaft lower end assembles, this rotating part, this contact chip then can be placed in this storage tank inside;

    AndOne circuit board, be mounted on the storage tank inner bottom surface of this pedestal, this circuit board surface has several variable resistor carbon film plates, and this variable resistor carbon film plate is provided with in the circular mode with same center of circle different radii, and the brush pin and this variable resistor carbon film plate surface that are positioned at this contact chip of this circuit board top are electric connecting;

    In addition, a side of this circuit board has connected several conducting terminals, and these several conducting terminals are worn to reveal by a side edge of this pedestal and extended.

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