Four-man driven boat

Four-man driven boat

  • CN 2,936,923 Y
  • Filed: 08/29/2006
  • Issued: 08/22/2007
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/29/2006
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. , four-player drives relaxing boat, the deck (2) that comprises two hulls (1) and connect two hulls (1), it is characterized in that:

  • deck (2) middle part is equipped with a cover plate (32), run through on the cover plate (32) main shaft (3) is installed, be positioned at a propelling unit (30) is installed on cover plate (32) the in-to-in main shaft (3), stretch out respectively outside the cover plate (32) at the two ends of main shaft (3), transfer driven gear (5) is arranged respectively on two terminations, there is driven gear (4) in transfer driven gear (5) outside of going up each termination at main shaft (3), driven gear (4) has front passenger'"'"'s seat (9) on the deck (2) by a side of stern, on the deck (2) between driven gear (4) and the front passenger'"'"'s seat (9) bearing (14) is arranged, bent axle (12) is arranged on the bearing (14), bent axle (12) two ends have a pedal (11) respectively, there is driving gear (13) at bent axle (12) middle part, between driving gear (13) and the driven gear (4) chain (26) is installed;

    Driven gear (4) is preceding a main operator'"'"'s saddle (15), and main operator'"'"'s saddle (15) is preceding support (19), and bent axle (17) is arranged on the support (19), and bent axle (17) two ends have a pedal (16) respectively, and there is first driving gear (18) at bent axle (16) middle part;

    Support (19) is preceding bearing seat (22), a bearing (21) is arranged on the bearing seat (22), bearing (21) is by being equipped with ratchet (20) on the hull outside, bearing (21) has transmission gear (23) by on the termination of hull inboard, between first driving gear (18) and the ratchet (20) chain (26) is installed, chain (25) is installed between transmission gear (23) and transfer driven gear;

    There is the hatchcover (24) of semi-enclosed covering fore bearing seat (22) top;

    On the deck (2) between hatchcover (24) and the cover plate (32) joystick (27) is arranged, control wheel (28) is arranged on the joystick (27), joystick (27) stretches under the deck (2);

    There is a rotating shaft (34) the stern below, and respectively there is a pilot bar (7) rotating shaft (34) both sides, are movably installed with in the rotating shaft (34) to turn to rudder (33);

    Joystick (27) is wound with stay cord (35) on the lower end, and the drag hook (36) that has drag hook (36), the two ends of stay cord (35) to pass respectively on two hulls on two hulls on two neighbours'"'"' the sidewall is connected on the pilot bar (7).

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