People's dynamic movement simulator

People's dynamic movement simulator

  • CN 85,106,784 A
  • Filed: 09/12/1985
  • Published: 03/11/1987
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/12/1985
  • Status: Abandoned Application
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1. Its feature of dynamic movement electronic bio simulator of people exists:

  • A, 1, usefulness A, B frequency quartz (controlled) oscillator, timing automatic change over simulated lesion body, 2, with A, B frequency selector simulation intermediate link, 3, use the amplifier analog sensory system, 4, with delay switch, gate-controlled switch analog feedback system, 5, with under switch, door, counter, the operational amplifier simulation historical development campaign effect, sensory system is to the understanding of middle link, under the effect of regulating system to middle link, and the variation of intermediate link;

    The electric signal of B, A frequency quartz (controlled) oscillator is by the controlled switch of timing, gate-controlled switch, B frequency selector, amplifier, make the delay switch action, close gate-controlled switch, after switch disconnects, because of the delay switch time-lag action, make the gate-controlled switch Time Delay Opening, the simulated lesion body is passed to intermediate link with signal, and the regulating system of controlling by sense organ acts on the pathology entity;

    C, A frequency quartz (controlled) oscillator electric signal, send into amplifier by the B frequency selector, a-signal can not make the delay switch action, synchronous signal by and the subtraction amplifier at B frequency selector input end, the on line of output terminal, computing in operational amplifier, signal is opened the door of counter then, rolling counters forward, after counting down to previously selected numerical value, output signal makes the switch opens of the switch motion and the operational amplifier contact of its control, close simulation intermediate link by historical development campaign effect, by people'"'"'s understanding with the switch of A frequency selector contact, sensory system, the regulating system effect, the intermediate link variation;

    D, A electrical signal of the frequency make the delay switch action by A frequency selector, amplifier, close gate-controlled switch, and the intermediate link of simulation variation receives new contact signal, and by regulating system to the effect of pathology entity;

    E, just begin A later on, the B electrical signal of the frequency can move, on time, it is long slightly switching time to trigger-turn-off-open this period ratio timing automatic change over, and rolling counters forward-switch motion-shutoff gate-controlled switch is shorter slightly switching time than switch during this period of time.

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