The application of initial stress technique of steel pipe concrete structures

The application of initial stress technique of steel pipe concrete structures

  • CN 87,102,320 A
  • Filed: 03/28/1987
  • Published: 10/19/1988
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/28/1987
  • Status: Abandoned Application
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1. , the prior art of encased structures is admitted the later stage reinforcement theory of VonMises yield condition and core concrete;

  • Axial compression stress in the steel pipe less than, equal 50 percent of yield stress, i.e. σ



    Core concrete is 200~

    No. 400.The invention is characterized in;

    proved that 1. steel pipe and core concrete have self-stress effect, belonged to from stress structure;

    2. core concrete belongs to the carrying mode of operation that strengthen early stage, the later stage decays;

    3. the raising of the development of the stress development of core concrete, lateral deformation and label has machining function to the stress development of steel pipe;

    4. steel pipe and core concrete o'"'"'clock strictly observe deformation compatibility condition ε

    '"'"' a-1=ε

    '"'"' c-1 in ν



    5. steel pipe is obeyed generalized Hooke'"'"'s law at the stress-strain relationship of axial and hoop;

    6. proposed to have more family of curves'"'"'s scope of high bearing capacity, its cuff is than index Φ


    0.85 (1 grade of steel steel pipe);



    1.05 (16 manganese steel pipe), and the scope Φ

    of best curve family=0.13~

    0.29 (1 grade of steel steel pipe);



    0.29 (16 manganese steel pipe);

    7. can pour into high-grade concrete in the steel pipe;

    High-grade cement mortar;

    And steel fibrous concrete.8. can need configuration to give stress and the non-stress reinforcing bar that gives by design in the concrete filled steel tube rod member.The technical program can improve concrete filled steel tube rod member compressive capacity 5~

    150% (containing 1 grade of steel steel pipe and 16 manganese steel pipes).The technical program can be applicable to axial compression rod member, small eccentricity and the large eccentric pressuring rod member of various different structures, with tension member and give the stress rod member.The present invention provides feasible technical scheme, and has obtained the economic effect that reduces bar cross section, alleviate dead load, save steel for the supporting capacity that improves existing encased structures.As a kind of three-dimensional frame construction;

    civilian and public framed building more than 20 layers and the industrial premises frame construction more than five layers.The pillar that it is characterized in that each layer framework all adopts the concrete filled steel tube rod member, level to girder and secondary beam, can adopt girder steel or reinforced concrete beam.Whole framework can all be a superstructure, and it is underground or all be underground frame construction also to can be partly top.Steel tube concrete frame puncheon also can be poured into a mould a layer concrete in its outside again by building requirements, so that it is the desired section of design.

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