The auto-stop mechanism of drive

The auto-stop mechanism of drive

  • CN 87,103,591 A
  • Filed: 05/14/1987
  • Published: 07/13/1988
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/31/1986
  • Status: Abandoned Application
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1. , a kind of auto-stop mechanism of drive is characterized in that possessing and has:

  • Prevent member,,, and prevent this control member to make it stop at operating position with this control member interlock when making drive be in control member that operating state uses when operating position moves;

    The rotation detection means, be assembled in any one direction rotation to the left and right on the reel seat, and utilize the contact friction between itself and the reel seat and have towards the trend of the sense of rotation of reel seat, this reel seat is assembled into rotatable reel platform coaxial, and utilizes the contact friction of this reel seat and reel platform and rotate with the reel platform;

    The oscillating structural member that can swing possesses sliding contacting part is arranged, and when any one direction rotation to the left and right of reel seat, all is subjected to the revolving force effect of above-mentioned rotation detection means and has trend towards a side;

    The cam plectane has the ring-type offset cam and is used for combining with the sliding contacting part of oscillating structural member and having binding site in the position that deviates from offset cam, and this cam plectane is configured to drive source drives power to be sent to the reel platform;

    The releasing member that can shake possesses the pushing portion that can be used to push the prevention member is arranged, and the cam plectane is freely being supported in revolution;

    Acting force one disappearance that stops to make the rotation detection means owing to the reel seat, then the sliding contacting part of oscillating structural member rests on the position of the offset cam that deviates from the cam plectane, contact with the joint portion of cam plectane, the cam plectane is owing to the opposite force that is subjected to from sliding contacting part makes the swing of releasing member, the driving approach from the cam plectane to the reel platform is interdicted in the swing of utilization releasing member, remove the pushing portion pushing of member simultaneously and prevent member that the prevention member is moved, to remove the prevention of control member.

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