Systems and methods for providing dry hydrotherapy to a reclined human subject

  • US 7,311,683 B2
  • Filed: 10/31/2005
  • Issued: 12/25/2007
  • Est. Priority Date: 10/29/2004
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1. A system for providing dry hydrotherapy to a human subject in a reclined position, the system comprising:

  • a liquid container having walls defining an interior and an opening, said container having opposed sides and opposed ends and containing a liquid to establish a liquid level;

    a cover positioned and secured to close said opening of said liquid container, said cover having an underside directed towards said interior of said liquid container and an outside surface directed outwards from said interior of said liquid container; and

    a liquid jet source positioned within said liquid container and oriented to direct liquid at said underside of said cover;

    said liquid jet source including a jet manifold extending across said container between said sides and having and inlet portion in an end of said jet manifold at one of said sides of said container and at least one discharge orifice above said liquid level so that said liquid passes through air;

    a carriage for moving said jet manifold through said container back and forth between said ends of said container wherein movement of said carriage in said container changes a location towards which said liquid is directed on said underside of said cover;

    a liquid conduit for conveying liquid from a liquid supply line at another side of said container opposite said one side, said supply line connected to a source of pressurized liquid to said inlet port, said liquid conduit including a flexible hose, a first pivoting coupling connecting one end of said flexible hose to said liquid supply line wherein the combination of said flexible hose and said first and second pivoting couplings allow said carriage to freely move in said container while maintaining fluid communication between said feed line and said jet manifold;

    wherein said human subject reclines on said outside surface of said cover and said liquid directed from said orifice at said underside of said cover conveys therapeutic massaging force to said human subject.

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