Equitable IP Affiliate Sues Fujitsu over HDMI Products, Asserting Patent Acquired from IV

November 17, 2016

Nbit Communications Systems, LLC, an apparent affiliate of Equitable IP Corporation, has launched a new litigation campaign, asserting a single data transmission patent (6,311,239) against DPI (1:16-cv-01057), Fujitsu (1:16-cv-01058), Funai (1:16-cv-01059), and ViewSonic (1:16-cv-01060). At issue are a variety of products incorporating HDMI, with DPI alleged to infringe the ‘239 patent through the provision of home audio systems, standalone TVs, and TVs with built-in DVD players; Fujitsu, through laptops, displays, and hardware video encoders; Funai, through Blu-ray players, DVD and VCR recording devices, DVRs, and HDTVs; and ViewSonic, through displays, network media players, and projectors.

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