More Patents Received from IV Appear in Litigation by IPinvestments Group Affiliates

October 14, 2018

IP Investments Group LLC (d/b/a IPinvestments Group) has launched one new campaign, via affiliate Visible Connections, LLC, and expanded another, through affiliate SynchView Technologies, LLC, both over patents recently acquired from Intellectual Ventures LLC (IV). As RPX noted this past May, multiple patents received from IV were passed along to Visible Connections, including two telecommunications conferencing patents originating with Spiderphone; and one patent generally related to an interface program for sharing an application program between two or more computers, developed by GTE Laboratories (which merged in 2000 with Bell Atlantic, forming Verizon). The NPE has now asserted two of those patents against ZOHO (1:18-cv-00859), zeroing in on the defendant’s provision of various products and services offering videoconferencing and screen-sharing features. Meanwhile, SynchView has added cases against Charter Communications (4:18-cv-00719) and Consolidated Communications (Consolidated Communications of Texas) (9:18-cv-00183) to the DVR campaign begun this past May.

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